Regarded as one of the most popular routes into university, A-Levels form the academic pathway for a wide range of subjects, including some that you may not have studied at school. Offering you the flexibility of studying more than one subject, you have the opportunity to build a career out of the courses that you most enjoy.

AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A-Level (Advanced) qualifications focus on traditional study skills. They normally take two years to complete full-time. A-Levels are made up of the AS level and the A2. Each part makes up 50 per cent of the overall A-Level grade. You can study the AS level as either a free standing qualification, or it can be the first half of the full A-Level. Having successfully completed your AS year, you have two options, take the AS level as the final qualification or continue to the second year and go for the full A-Level.


v  We offer  range of subjects on our A-Level programme


Maths, Turkish, Statistics, Mechanics,


Physics, Biology, Chemistry,
Psychology, Sociology, History, Geography, Economics,
Politics, Business, Literature



You can either take a private lesson (one to one teaching) or    

join a group lesson of maximum 5 students.