11-18 Year olds

Languge Courses

In every class, students will be practicing their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as a range of grammar and vocabulary, through a variety of diverse, exciting and engaging activities. Every effort will be made by the teacher to maximize students’ active participation in the class: Whether it be a physical vocabulary game, an immersive role-play or a creative project, students’ needs and abilities will be at the forefront of the learning experience.


In addition to the general English lessons we will also be working towards an internationally recognised exams


Edexcel /Cambridge English IGCSE


Therefore, in addition to the General English content, our classes will contain activities designed specifically to help our students to perform at their best in one of these exams. The focus of the classes will still be to provide an enjoyable and engaging experience, but with the ultimate goal of achieving high results


You can either take a private lesson (one to one teaching) or    

join a group lesson of maximum 5 students.